Project Members

[enter project members here]


[Write an Introduction that explains for the reader what this project is about, what is coming next in the document, and how it all fits together (i.e. how this project is structured)]

The Topic & Standards

[Here write about the topic, age or grade level, and the standards you are designing this curricular unit around. It is not enough to just list the topic and standards. I want you to write a coherent justification for how the following lesson plans are designed to meet the needs of the topic, your audience/students, and the standards. I'm looking for evidence that you can integrate your knowledge about these different areas to justify your plans.]

The Setting and Context

[Here write about the setting within which you foresee this curriculur unit being taught and implemented. Describe a very detailed educational setting (can be a library, a classroom, or outside of school like a community program etc). Again, I don't want to see just a list of contexts. I want to see a narrative of how you think about, and plan ahead for, the different obstacles and challenges you will face when teaching a technology-integrated lesson. You'll be graded on how well you can communicate your thoughts, the number and breadth of obstacles you can think of, and how you linked your lesson designs back to overcoming those challenges. Here are some challenges that you can start with:
  1. What kind of school or library is this? Why does this matter to your lesson?
  2. What kind of students, and what are their learning needs?
  3. Will you be teaching this yourself, or working with a teacher? What are the challenges of either scenario?
  4. Are there scheduling challenges that affect how you plan the lessons, and when the classes will occur? Do the scheduling challenges affect when and how you will plan with other teachers?
  5. What are the technology skills of the students and the teachers? How do you plan to work around these considerations?
  6. What are the level of resources that you have? Number of computers? Internet access? Mobile devices? etc etc. How does the level of technology access you have link to how you're implementing your lessons?
  7. What kind of policy challenges will you face? Are certain sites blocked? Will certain projects (for example social media projects) pose professional/ethical concerns? How will you get around these?
  8. What about technology failures (i.e. a site is down, a computer is offline etc.). How will you plan for these possibilities?
  9. Think of other contexts that apply to your specific scenario.

The Materials and Technology Tools You will Need

[Here list, and write a short explanation of the different materials and technology tools you are using in your lessons. Provide an explanation of what the students will be doing with these tools and why they are relevant or good for learning the topic or skills you want to teach.]

The Implementation & Assignments

[Write a short section on when and in what sequence the lessons will be implemented. Also talk about the assignments the students will complete, and how you will assess their learning. For example, if the project is book trailers, what in the book trailers should we be looking for as evidence that the students understood both the content and the technology?]

The Lessons

[Add your 3 lesson plans in this section. You might choose to provide short explanations in between the lessons, that talk about how they sequence together (or this could be in the Implementation section). You should also add in examples of the technology artifacts, or assignments, that the students will complete.]