Lesson Plan #4

Writing and Drawing Folktale Pages in Pixie to Create One Collaborative Digital Story in Little Bird Tales

Essential Question:Can you use a computer to type and draw the folktale page you made on paper to make an electronic folktale page in Pixie?

Goal:The students will work individually on computers to transfer their graphic organizers from paper to Pixie.
The students will use express creativity in using the various drawing and stamp features available in Pixie.

Objectives:Second grade students will type the sentence(s) they already wrote on their graphic organizer into the text box on the Pixie template.

Once they have finished typing their sentence(s), second grade students will draw at least one illustration in Pixie based on what they already drew by hand on their graphic organizer. Their completed folktale page will be assessed by the teacher and librarian using a grading rubric.

Action Plan:
1. Environment/materials:
Environment:The students will enter the library and sit on one of six “floor” chairs facing the smart board. The smart board will be ready with one Word document open that has a list of the “jobs” the students will complete in order, as well as a blank Pixie template identical to the graphic organizer they filled out by hand during the previous lesson.

After the lesson is finished, the students will be dismissed to check out books for the last fifteen minutes of class. During this time, they can move around freely in the library.

Materials:- Space on the rug
- Smart board – list of “jobs” and Pixie template
- Graphic organizer #2 – for mapping out their book page
- Computers with the program Pixie opened.

2. Special Needs:The school and class are set up for students with special needs. The class is a small size, with only five to six students in each class.

To make the process run more smoothly, the computers will have already been logged in with the students’ usernames and passwords and the Pixie template will already be opened on their computers.

The lesson will begin with the teachers explaining the order the students must complete their tasks in and how to use the template that is already opened on their computers. They will explain step-by-step how to use the various drawing features in Pixie. The students will then take their seats at the computers and begin working while the teachers circulate to help the students.

3. Outline of lesson:Lesson from 1:00 – 2:00

Begin work as a class:Students will come to the carpet in front of the smart board with their graphic organizers (#2).

Introduction to the lesson:Introduction - (First part of lesson):We have all written and illustrated one page of the folktale we wrote together. Today we are going to write and draw our folktale pages on the computer using Pixie.Point to smart board.
Here is a list of the jobs you are in charge of today. First you will double click(demonstrate)on the text box to begin typing your sentence. After your first job is done, you will move onto job number two, which is to double click in the picture box to begin drawing your picture. Remember you cannot move onto your second job of drawing until you finish your first one of writing.The teachers will check for understanding by asking them to repeat what their tasks are for today. Afterward a demonstration of how to use the drawing features in Pixie will be presented, as well as how to include “stamps,” images in the Pixie program similar to clip art in Microsoft Office programs. The students have drawn using Pixie and Microsoft Paint (which has very similar features) before, so a lengthy demonstration is not necessary.
5 minutes
Explore or experiment:Students will move to their logged-in computers, taking their graphic organizers (#2) with them and keeping the smart board in their vision if they need a reminder of their jobs. Students will work independently to type their sentence in the text box on the template, while teachers circulate to provide help and guidance as necessary. Once a student completes his/her sentence, they will show a teacher what (s)he typed, and the teacher will verify that the whole sentence was written as it appeared on the graphic organizer (#2). The teacher will then give him/her permission to complete the illustration. The students will keep their Pixie page open on the screen for the teachers to save on the computer later.
40 minutes (students who do not complete the assignment will be given extra time)

Conclusion:We will remind the students that each of their pages will be uploaded sequentially to Little Bird Tales to create one folktale. The students will be told that their folktale will be presented to them during class the next day.
5 minutes
Check-out timeAll right, you now have ten minutes to browse and checkout books. Enjoy!10 minutes
Assessment (during and post lesson):The teachers will make note of students who may be struggling or are particularly comfortable with typing and using the drawing features in Pixie to later assess their technology skills against the standards described in the rubric. The teachers will then assess the Pixie pages according to the rubric to ensure that the students completed their jobs as they were asked and also able to transfer what was on their graphic organizer to the Pixie program.