Welcome to the Wiki page for LBSC 642: Integrating Technology into Learning and Teaching. You can find past and present student lesson plans here.

Model Tech Integration Ideas from Students
Past Resources Designed/Shared by Students

Final Project Template

Project Teams (Fall 2012):

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7th Grade Health: Claire Valdivia, Michelle Walsh, Eun Ji, Sue Chozick, Peter Grimm
2nd Grade (with learning disabilities) - Folktales from Around the World - Jessica Fink, Caroline Haavik, Lisa Hedge, Deirdre Lunn
9th Grade History/ Vietnam War: Stacey Flynn, Lora Koehler, Stephanie Flaherty, Beth Knafelc
Intercultural Respect: Emma Silverman, Emily Hestness, Lindsay Wilson, Barbara Dickey Davis, Xiaoyang Gong
Gaming Your Way Through the Civil War: Anthony Pellicone, Dan Menase, Melissa McDonald, and Natonya Huggins

Project Teams (Fall 2011):

Artist Interview Podcasts (Jess Garman & Rachel Heller)
Pollution Project (Alex Moses and Lynda Moylan)
Literary Gaming (Sereena & Katie S)
History and Social Networking (Kendra, Natalie, and Walter)
Digital Storytelling Lesson (Lara, Emily, Farin)
5th Grade Astronomy (Shoshana, Ashley, Jessie)
Converting A Novel to Comic Lesson (Justin)
Science Writing in an After-School Program (Lauren)

Protect the Bay using Technology (Penny) http://protectthebay.wikispaces.com/
‍Project Teams (Spring 2011):

Ancient Greece: Mythology and Culture (Deanna & Katrina)
Camp Ladybug – The Green Kids Program (Marybeth & Pam)
Research Skills (Sarah, Elizabeth & Terri)
Infusing Technology Into Read180 Program (Jewel, Janice & Katie)
The Skate Board as a Science Teaching and Learning Tool (Margaret and Rick)
Creating a Digital Graphic Novel to Explore Teen Health Issues (Amanda, Nedelina, & Rebecca)

Project Teams (Fall 2010):

Scratch and Share Poetry Project (Stacy)
Declaration of Independence Signer Biographical Oral Reports (Sue & Rhona)
Book Trailers (Annalee & Melissa)
Locating Reliable Health Information (Ivan)
Discover Me 8th Grade Final Project (Valerie)
Using Technology to Be Green (Christie and Laura)